The One Shot // Al Valle

“One Shots” is a new series where members of the Cave famiglia and extended famiglia dive into the building blocks of the movies we make and the movies we love. Each installment features some behind-the-scenes insight or breakdown of a specific shot, scene, or other moment in a project we’ve worked on or one that’s […]


LIZZIE MINGES Named C76’s head of Post Meet Cave 76’s Head of Post-Production, Lizzie Minges! After over half a decade at The Cave and a recent promotion, Lizzie finally comes clean about her past lives, her role as Head of Post, and what projects she’s got up her sleeves. (Hint: they involve life-size dinosaurs and […]

EP: Matt Pickar

DODO DIRECTOR: Johanna Zelman, Eli Ralston

SESAME DIRECTOR: Andrew Moriarty

DP: Alex Agnany

PRODUCER: Gabe Munitz-Alessio

PRODUCER: Courtney Hindle

PRODUCER: Eli Ralston