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PepsiCo's Episodic Series about inclusion and awareness goes international for season 3



Several years ago, PepsiCo’s Senior Compliance Manager Kevin Fitzpatrick and Ed Marmen, Head of PepsiCo Studios, approached Cave 76 with a need for a video highlighting the company’s excellent track record when it comes to hiring and retaining workers with disabilities. What began as a 5-minute internal video has blossomed into an international series of profiles of inspiring individuals dubbed You Belong Here.


The series highlights people who would typically have a more difficult time than others finding employment, folks who often have to overcome not only physical and mental challenges, but also the social stigma that clouds their initial interactions with bosses and coworkers. These remarkable people have been able to fight through every obstacle and come out stronger, as well as open the hearts and minds of those around them.

There is a powerful message of inclusion underlying each episode of the series: the employees profiled in You Belong Here are no less capable or valued than any other employee, nor are they treated differently. They belong at PepsiCo, and the company was lucky to find them.


Every year, Cave 76 looks forward to working directly with Ed, Kevin, and other leaders of PepsiCo’s production and communications teams to develop, shoot, and cut these episodes, as You Belong Here provides a singular opportunity for us to flex our creative and directorial muscles. It’s a good feeling to be entrusted with such an important project, one that represents Pepsi’s face to the world.


Whereas the series was originally based in the US, episodes are now split between the states and Mexico, with directors on each side of the border working in tandem to handle creative development, production, and post. Cave 76’s talented, tight-knit team is able to maintain consistency of style and voice by virtue of our strong connection and close collaboration with PepsiCo’s internal teams. We’ve proudly watched the series’ viewership increase over the years, and one day, we hope to deliver You Belong Here to a global audience.

YBH 3.jpg

2021 marked the 3rd installment of a longtime collaboration between Cave 76 and PepsiCo's Ed Marmen and Kevin Fitzpatrick to highlight the stories of employees with disabilities. As 2021 was the year C76 went international with CUEVA in CDMX, so too did the You Belong Here series. Our teams worked together across borders, to bring six unique stories to life.


Chicago Crew

EP - @clever.ed
Director - @gabemafilm
DP - @alexagnant
Gaffer- Andrew Cook⁠
Sound- Matthew Tucker⁠
B-Cam Op- Alex Sharon⁠

Minneapolis Crew⁠

DP - @alexagnant
Sound - John Vardas⁠
PA - Bethany Ayshe Jones⁠

LA Crew⁠

DP - @alexagnant
Gaffer- anothoy selvaggi⁠
Sound - David Stockton⁠

CDMX Crew:⁠

Director @jeronimovillar
DP - @franciscoinigo
1st AC - @Danielceron.r
Sound - @maurer_sound
Gaffer - @momisbetancourttony

Editors - @iiitslizzie & @jeronimo_villar
Post audio - Ander Agudo
Colorist - @gavinrosenberg @yeahposthouse

Cast: Josè Santos, Quentin Snider, Adriana Perarra, Dave Lukas, and Israel Sánchez, Adrian Brewington

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