Erez Horovitz

I began my career as a director and editor, creating music videos for bands such as Fruit Bats, Yellowbirds, Sam Cohen, and Josh Ritter. Notably, my video for Josh Ritter’s “Love is Making Its Way Back Home” was awarded a Staff Pick from Vimeo.

In the commercial realm, I’ve collaborated with W+K, Penguin Clothing, Sidewalk Labs, MoMA, and extensively with Google, contributing to various teams there including Creative Lab, Hardware, Jam, Wing, and Accessibility.

I operate under the belief that viewers don’t suffer fools, so I’m against heavy handedness, forced jokes and bruised fruit.

-Erez Horovitz

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EP: Matt Pickar

DODO DIRECTOR: Johanna Zelman, Eli Ralston

SESAME DIRECTOR: Andrew Moriarty

DP: Alex Agnany

PRODUCER: Gabe Munitz-Alessio

PRODUCER: Courtney Hindle

PRODUCER: Eli Ralston