Jon Walley

Jon Walley

Jon has always been drawn to stories about legacy, process, and people who make things of all kinds. His approach to any project begins with asking questions to reveal the true creative potential of a project. 

His thoughtful and visual storytelling techniques, combined with his inquisitive nature, have served him well throughout his career in independent film and commercial production. His goal is to inspire creativity and provoke conversation using his voice as a filmmaker. Jon is growing that voice with each film he puts into the world, igniting curiosity wherever he goes.

Story works better, we can't wait to show you how...

EP: Matt Pickar

DODO DIRECTOR: Johanna Zelman, Eli Ralston

SESAME DIRECTOR: Andrew Moriarty

DP: Alex Agnany

PRODUCER: Gabe Munitz-Alessio

PRODUCER: Courtney Hindle

PRODUCER: Eli Ralston